Diversey SmartMix Pro

The First Dilution Control System in a Pouch

Features and Benefits
• Each lightweight pouch generates 1 gallon of ready-to-use (RTU) solution (4 spray bottles).
• Inner pouch ensures user protection from contact with concentrated chemical.
• Pouches are designed to fully evacuate minimizing any chemical loss.
• Accurate dilution pouch ensures proper dilution rate.
• Controlled dilution rate eliminates over consumption, reducing chemical waste.
• Professional grade cleaners to increase productivity and lower chemical usage.
• One case has 2 pouches, making 2 gallons of ready-to-use solution (8 spray bottles).
• Shelf life of Smart Mix Pro chemicals is 6 weeks once the chemicals are mixed with water.
• Shelf life of Smart Mix Pro chemicals is 1-2years before mixed with water.

Product Details

Market Opportunity
• Convenient alternative to costly and bulky Ready-To-Use products.
• Ideal for small sites where the chemical consumption is 1 spray bottle that gets consumed in a 4 to 10 day period.
• Building service contractors can save money, reduce waste, and reduce the amount of space required in their supply closets and vehicles
by up to 70%.
• Smart Mix Pro was developed for small spaces with minimal budgets and where storage space is a concern: banks, convenience stores,
small retail outlets, walk in clinics, small/private schools, and remote facilities.

Reasons for the customer to buy:
• Low case price fits into any small site budget.
• One case of Smart Mix Pro takes up 70% less space than eight RTU spray bottles. Storage space is not free, save money and reduce the
clutter with Smart Mix Pro.
• Go Green, Smart Mix Pro uses up to 62% less plastic than RTU spray bottles, is 75% lighter to ship, and takes up 70% less truck and
warehouse space giving it a total carbon footprint reduction of 60% over RTU spray bottles. Ecologo certified products available.

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