EcoCraft® & EcoBrite™ ToGo! Grease Resistant Clamshell Containers


The Eco-Flute® line of containers were designed for a wide variety of foods, perfect for Convenience StoreGrocery, Concession and Catering applications. The Eco-Flute®technology resists grease and retains heat while articulated vents aid in balancing moisture to maintain food integrity and the correct level of crispness. The middle layer uses 100% recycled post-consumer content providing a sturdy, lightweight package while being better for the environment. An optional window allows the contents to be displayed and checked without requiring the container to be opened.

The EcoCraft® line provides a natural look while the EcoBrite™ line provides white contrast to showcase your range of foods and applications. Two great options to meet your clamshell needs!

Product Details

• Sturdy – superior rigidity and crush strength • Insulated – corrugate layer helps to keep hot food hot and cold food cold • Food Integrity – lightweight F and E flute material allows for moisture vapor transmission and resists grease to keep foods fresh and crisp • Steam Release – multiple articulated vents on sides and/or back allows customers to select the right level of venting for each food item, prevents soggy take out • Visibility – window options are great for “grab n go” foods and order accuracy identification • Ease of Use – simple to load with secure locking lids • The medium material of Eco-Flute® is 100% post-consumer recycled content (PCR), making the total package a minimum of 33% PCR

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