Verterra Sustainable Serving Collection 2024

Verterra’s all-natural wood trays are the perfect blend of form and function. Made with a White Birch base and a Pine frame, these handmade trays are perfect for cheese displays, charcuterie, sandwiches and more.

Verterra’s Grab & Go are the perfect solution for small bites, individual servings, charcuterie, and more. The lid locks securely, making it easy to stack multiple containers.

Lids measure 1″ in height unless specified, *Lids measure 1.5″ in height

Verterra is a leading brand in the eco-friendly dinnerware industry. Our products not only look beautiful, but they are also practical and cost-effective, providing operational efficiency and reducing labor costs.

With a commitment to sustainability, Verterra has become the go-to choice for leaders and innovators in the industry.


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