Sterno Rechargeable Candle Set 2.0 Timer Starter Kit – Tealights | Amber

The ultimate time‐saving solution for setting your table top ambience during daily service pre‐set. Includes Power Adapter.

Features & Benefits

  • Includes a convenient remote
  • Remotely turn all 2.0 Timer Candles ON/OFF
  • Program candles to turn ON/OFF after 5hrs or 10hrs
  • Upgraded, long‐lasting candles with 40hrs run time!
  • Featuring LED Flickering Flame Technology for a life‐like flicker and glow.
  • Stacks up to 5 EasyStack® Trays for compact storage
  • Fully charged in 3hrs for efficient charging.
  • Purchase additional matching sets to build your own custom bundles.

Explore our Table Lighting Design Collections to pair with the perfect lamp, and visit our Ambience Pinterest page for inspiration and trends.

Starter Kit Includes: 12 Votives | 1 EasyStack Tray | 1 Remote | 1 Power Adapter

*Amber color candles run up to 40 hours.

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