Slim Jim Recycling Station


  • 7 Colors- Color-coding creates consistent visual cues for patrons and staff when sorting recyclables
  • 4 Lid Options-Restrictive lid shapes ensure the right recyclables get into the right bins. For an open top option, no insert needed
  • 10 Waste Stream Labels- Expert designed waste stream labels feature 3 visual cues: the recycling symbol, a waste stream icon and verbiage proven to increase recycling effectiveness
  • Snap-In Connectors- Connect bases without the use of tools or hardware
  • Hinged Lid Inserts- Accommodate larger sized recycling material
  • Venting Channels- Make removing liners up to 80% easier, improving productivity and reducing the risk of worker injury
  • Designed for Ease of Use- Sized to fit. The slim footprint fits in the tightest spaces, while hinging lid inserts allow larger recyclables to easily fit inside

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