Plastic Two-Piece Food Containers


PET DELI CONTAINERS: Koda Cup PET clear deli containers have exceptional clarity to enhance product appearance and stimulate impulse purchases. They are available in sizes ranging from 8-32 oz. in both square and round with matching lids. The one common size snap-fit lid helps maintain freshness. Containers are stackable, minimizing storage space.
PP ROUND DELI CONTAINERS & LIDS:  Koda Cup branded polypropylene (PP) Round Deli Containers showcase your products with clarity and a smooth side wall design, are strong and durable and keep product fresh with a tight lid seal. These containers are resistant to fats and oils and are perfect for foods requiring re-heating since they are made from microwave-friendly polypropylene. These containers are available in 5 sizes from 8 to 32 ounces with 2 styles of lids. Customers don’t have to worry about spills and leaks during transport due to the leak resistant lid fit. These deli containers are a lightweight and cost-effective packaging solution.
PET CLEAR SALAD BOWLS: Koda Cup clear salad bowls are specifically designed to showcase your bakery, deli, produce and “grab-and-go” items. Made from durable, crack-resistant and clear PET resin, these bowls are the perfect complement for pre-packed or fresh salads and cut fruit. The no-spill lid is also perfect for stacking. Available in sizes ranging from 16-64 oz., in bulk or combo pack, and with clear or black bases.
CAKE & BAKERY CONTAINERS: Our cake and pie containers with clear dome lids are great for selling and merchandising your delectable desserts! The base is made of durable black plastic, and includes a clear dome lid that allows for optimum viewing of every decorated side as well as protecting your sweets during transport.
PP PORTION CUPS & LIDS: Koda Cup branded polypropylene (PP) portion cups and lids are convenient and reliable for “spill-proof” carrying of dressing, extra ingredients, condiments and small side dishes. They are available in sizes ranging from 1 ~ 5.5 oz. in both translucent and black. Since these cups are made of PP plastic, they are more durable and lightweight with higher temperature resistance. The smooth rolled rims of the cups and the snap-fit lids prevent leaks and spills, which makes transportation clean and smooth. Both cups and lids are stackable to minimize storage space.

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