PBI Food and Beverage Delivery Package

The Barista Box

Hot and Cold Beverage Containers. Easy to fill insulated nylon bag keeps coffee and other non-carbonated beverages hot or cold for 2+ hours. Made with durable corrugated. One-way containers, no retrieval costs. Easy set up.


The Victoria Bay Laundry System offers many advantages including a controlled dispensing system, effective detergents and stain-removal products. Everything is color coded and bilingual for ease of use. Custom Printing Available.

Catering Carriers

Food Delivery Solutions. Decorative for presentation. Custom printing and special sizes available. Innovated foil-lined thermal packaging. Upscale appearance for off-premise deliveries.

Thermal Packaging for Maximum Insulation

Three layers of material provide insulation for hot and cold food products. Flex-foil metalized polyester bubble laminate is a tri-layer product consisting of a layer of metalized polyester, a single layer of 3/16″ bubble and a white polyethylene backing sheet. The insulation acts as a shield against the three types of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiant. The bubbles and polyester prevent conduction and convection heat transfer while the foil reflects the radiant heat. Maintains temperature ranges for hours. Flexible, tough and durable. Helps ensure product quality, taste, texture and color.

Soup In The Box

An innovative way to take out soup and more…and keep it hot! Decorative corrugated box. Easy to assemble and carry. Comes with plastic containers and lids.

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