M + A Matting – COVID-19 Mat Brochure

Hygiene & Safety Mats

  • Since people tend to look down when they walk, these mats can serve as a great way to promote important messages or encourage guidelines.

Message Mats

  • These mats were designed to promote frequent hand washing/sanitizing, social distancing, and safety.

Stick-and-Stand™ Mats

  • These adhesive-backed mats were designed to clearly mark floors and provide customers with a safe place to stand while waiting in lines.

Sure Stride® Directional Mats

  • Sure Stride Directional mats are adhesive-backed mats printed with an arrow to provide directional cues to customers, visitors, and employees.

StepWell™ Sanitizing Mats

  • These mats feature a 2’ x 3’ well that holds an abrasive insert and your preferred liquid sanitizer, followed by a 3’ x 5’ carpeted section to help remove any excess moisture from shoes, reducing the likelihood of slips following sanitation.

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