Foam Aroma Coffee Cup Lid


  • Snaps to the FoamAroma lid to keep contents hot
  • Built-in venting for hot air pressure release
  • Rotates for easy drinking
  • Savor the foam: Redesigned drink and vent holes to include foam when drinking a latte.
  • Inhale the aroma: Customers get to fully enjoy their hot drink and all its aromas. Hot chocolates & teas included.
  • Comfortable mouthfeel: Gentle, rounded angles on the drinking
    hole make sipping easy.
  • Avoid “geyser squirt”: Contours of lid minimize spillage. But if
    spillage occurs, it’s contained in the center and flows back into the
  • Temperature control: Inverted triangle drinking hole & adequate
    air venting allows for slurping.

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